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The mission of BSO’s Neighborhood Support Team (NST) is to build relationships through partnerships. NST will continue to build a cohesive network of support with our community partners and will work toward meeting their needs and enhancing the quality of life for all Broward County residents.

The Neighborhood Support Team (NST) will:

  • assign a sergeant and deputy to lead each team, in each district.
  • bridge the communication gap between law enforcement and the community.
  • improve the responsiveness of our first responders.
  • unify efforts to meet needs beyond routine calls for service.
  • provide direct engagement with residents and community stakeholders to develop and implement problem solving solutions and innovative initiatives.
  • maintain an ongoing awareness of the needs and concerns within the community.
  • actively seek partnerships to educate and empower the community.
  • develop opportunities to creatively interact with the residents of Broward County.

NST consists of the Command, Regional Leaders, and the Members, which represent areas such as law enforcement districts, detention, fire-rescue and emergency services. For more information, please contact the Neighborhood Support Team at 954-321-4410.