Request a Record by Email

You may submit a public records request to Event and accident reports that are requested by email will be emailed back to you with the exception of reports marked as Exempted or Confidential..

You must go to the Public Safety Building to request a background check or mail your request to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Your request will be processed and emailed to you. If the report you are requesting is marked as Exempted or Confidential; you will receive an email instructing you to contact the Records Division at 954-831-8700.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to obtain a traffic accident report within 60 days of the incident, Florida law requires that you complete a Request for Traffic Crash Report Information Form indicating you are entitled to receive it (please review the form to make certain you are eligible). Eail the completed signed and notarized form with your request to After 60 days, the form is not necessary and anyone may obtain a copy of the report.

Need Help?

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