The Broward Sheriff’s Office prides itself on being one of the most professional, accountable and transparent public safety agencies in the nation. Transparency Promise provides the most accurate, up-to-date and accessible information regarding our policing efforts and disciplinary actions to the public for an independent assessment of our work. This approach to transparency builds trust with the communities we serve and provides for an open and honest dialogue that ensures we live up to the excellence the public and good policing demand.

  • Total Complaints Received: This data details employee misconduct complaints resulting in Internal Affairs cases that were investigated.
  • Complaints by Department: These statistics show the number of complaints received by Internal Affairs of personnel assigned to various departments.
  • Use of Force Reports: These figures detail the number of Use of Force reports received from the Department of Law Enforcement and the Department of Detention.
  • Firearms Discharge Incidents: This information provides a breakdown of the number of times and manner in which a firearm was discharged in the course of duty.
  • IA Case Dispositions: These figures provide the disposition of allegations investigated by Internal Affairs, ranging from sustained to exoneration.
  • Disciplinary Actions: This information shows the corrective action taken if an allegation was sustained.
  • Early Intervention Program: This program is designed as a resource to assist command personnel in evaluating and guiding the employee who might have job stress and/or performance problems.

Reports of Bias Policing: BSO began tracking Bias Policing complaints in 2001. The information found here provides a three-year history of the review of bias-based profiling complaint

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