The mission of the BSO Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement response to all threats to our community.

The RTCC will be linked directly to dispatch. Based upon the call type, call location, or key words (ex. Gun, Shoot, etc), a call for help will automatically activate and alert the RTCC, geomapping the call. The RTCC map will not only reflect the current call, but also all relevant technology in the immediate area of the call, the call and report history for the location, as well as information on documented individuals in the vicinity.

RTCC detectives will be able to guide first responders to the threat, providing up to the moment information about what is occurring. This will enable responding units to more quickly take the appropriate action, as well as send the appropriate number of units to assist.

The RTCC has been in operation since January 2019. We have established relationships with multiple public entities and seek to expand into partnerships with private businesses, houses of worship, and anyone interested in protecting their community.