The Broward Sheriff's Office ("Agency") Social Media Terms of Use establishes guidelines for users participating on Agency-maintained social media sites, pages and posts on social media networks, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The primary goals of the Agency's use of social media are to increase public awareness of the Agency's programs, policies and services and to maintain open, professional and responsive communications with members of the public regarding the Agency. The Agency recognizes and appreciates the rights of all members of our online community to free speech and freedom of expression. Comments posted to Agency-maintained social media pages/sites are regularly monitored by administrators.

While comments posted to Agency-maintained social media pages/sites will not be edited by Agency personnel, comments may not be published or may be removed if they violate these Terms of Use. The Agency reserves the right to take other actions in order to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use. Comments should be related to the posted topic for the social media page or post.

By participating on Agency-maintained social media pages/sites, users agree to these Terms of Use and to only post content that is consistent with these Terms of Use. Permissible user content posted to Agency-maintained social media pages/sites is limited to content that directly relates to the purpose or topic of the social media website, page or post. The Broward Sheriff's Office reserves the right to determine what content posted by users is acceptable in accordance with these Terms of Use. The Broward Sheriff Office may remove user content that is in violation of these Terms of Use, or content that the Broward Sheriff Office may reasonably believe could cause harm if it remains posted. The Broward Sheriff Office may, at its sole discretion, restrict a user's ability to post content to Agency-maintained social media pages/sites for repeated or serious violations of these Terms of Use.


The following is a list of prohibited content on all Agency-maintained social media pages/sites, and will be considered "off-topic" and removed from public view:


• The use of obscene, crude, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, sexually indecent or harassing language.

• Personal attacks of any kind or offensive comments that advocate unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability.

• Comments or content advocating for, or depicting, illegal activity.

• Personally identifiable information such as social security numbers and dates of birth.

• Material of a sexually indecent nature.

• Commercial solicitations unless on behalf of the Agency.

• Statements that endanger public health, safety and security or statements that encourage, provide advice for or solicit the commission of a criminal act.

• Content that violates intellectual property or copyright laws or posting of material that violates copyrights or trademarks of others.

• Promotion or advertisement of a business or commercial transaction.

Users post contact on Agency-maintained social media pages/sites at their own risk, and users take personal responsibility for their comments, their username and any information provided.  Please DO NOT post your personal information, such as social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses etc.


All content posted by a user to an Agency-maintained social media page/site is subject to public records retention and disclosure pursuant to Florida law. Opinions expressed by users of agency-maintained social media sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Agency, nor the opinions of any of the Agency's elected officials or employees.


This Terms of Use document is subject to amendment or modification by the Agency at any time.

If a user wishes to contact the Agency's Administration or to request Agency non-emergency services, the user should visit the Agency's official website:

NEW 11/16/2021