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Protecting animals, investigating cases of animal abuse and educating animal owners on proper care for their pets is the mission of Broward Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Michael Baldwin. On the latest episode of the Shop Talk with the Sheriff podcast, Baldwin joins BSO Sheriff Gregory Tony to highlight some important do’s and don’ts for pet owners. 

During their discussion, Baldwin explains tethering of animals, reminds pet owners of Broward County’s temperature ordinance for pets and discusses confining animals. He said there are some simple rules when it comes to confining an animal to a crate or box. 

“There needs to be sufficient space for each dog or cat to comfortably stand, sit, lie down and turn around,” Sgt. Baldwin explained. “The structures that these animals are in need to be of sound construction and provide the animal adequate protection from the rain, wind, sun and all the elements at all times.”

Baldwin advises pet owners to ask themselves if they would be comfortable in the environment in which they’re placing their pet. Ultimately, Baldwin explained that pet owners need to use common sense when caring for animals and make sure that their pets have all their needs met – lots of space, water, food and, of course, loving attention. 

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Carey Codd/Sr. PIO 

Date: June 9, 2021