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PIO Number: 21-11-5

Date: Nov. 4, 2021


Breaking the cycle of recidivism in the Broward County jails is a goal of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. On the latest episode of the Shop Talk with the Sheriff podcast, Sheriff Tony sits down with two job development coordinators at the Broward Sheriff’s Office who help former inmates find employment. 

“Employment is a dignity provider,” said Thomas McLaughlin, who’s been with BSO since 2017. “When you’re going to work, you’re responsible every day and you’re participating in the community, and you’re making money and paying your bills. I think that instills a sense of dignity and confidence in people.” 

Beyond the societal impacts, there are also financial incentives to the job opportunities for former inmates. Broward County taxpayers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to operate the jails, and by enabling those with arrest histories to find employment, the burden on taxpayers will hopefully lessen. 

“If we give them the opportunity to restore their dignity, to restore their employment, to get back into the workforce, it’s really going to benefit the community overall because we have more active members of the community contributing instead of going back into prison or jail,” said Heather Echaniz, a BSO employee since 2006. 

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Carey Codd/Sr. PIO