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PIO Number: 21-9-4

Date: Sept. 8, 2021

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Law enforcement celebrates National Police Woman Day, on Sept.12. In this celebratory episode of the Shop Talk with the Sheriff podcast, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony speaks with Captain Andrea Tianga about her experience as a female law enforcement officer and how she utilizes her position to help the community and mentor others.

Tianga touched on the power of visibility and the importance of encouraging women so they realize that they can achieve any goal. “I think it is important to have women in leadership roles because they can see themselves in your shoes, and they will strive to be there,” Tianga said.

She spoke of the impact of working on the television show Police Women of Broward County and how it changed perspectives regarding women in law enforcement. “I think the show highlighted that different side that nobody saw before that. You know, biologically, women may not be as strong as men. We had to be creative in our approach, so we had to do amazing things, and people started to see themselves in that position,” Tianga said.

Her greatest satisfaction remains to pay it forward and to be a positive example for the next generation. “One of the biggest compliments I have received is when I meet young female cops who say, ‘You know?... I’m a cop because of you. You may not remember me, but I met you at this event,’” Tianga said. “To me it’s so humbling and so amazing to think that I had the opportunity to give that to somebody.”

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Claudinne Caro/PIO