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PIO Number: 21-6-1

Date: June 2, 2021

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The calendar has flipped to June, and in South Florida, that means it’s time to prepare for hurricane season. On the latest episode of the Shop Talk with the Sheriff podcast, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony welcomes two experienced emergency managers to discuss efforts by BSO and Broward County to prepare for a possible storm. 

Jonathan Yavneh, BSO Director of Emergency Management and Tracy Jackson, Broward County Director of Regional Emergency Services and Communications, spoke with the sheriff about the extensive preparation done prior to hurricane season; the teamwork between local, state and federal agencies during a storm; and how the public can prepare themselves, their family and their properties ahead of hurricane season. 

Yavneh said there is extensive coordination and planning accomplished over many months prior to hurricane season and that county residents can rely on the cooperation between BSO and Broward County. 

“We’re gonna respond to our community as a whole,” Yavneh explained. “We’re gonna get what I like to call a unity of effort.”

Jackson added that it’s critical for all Broward County residents to take hurricane season seriously and plan accordingly. 

“If you have a responsibility of a family, you need a plan to take care of them. You need supplies to take care of them. You want to use a 72-hour window, and you need everything you would need to be self-sufficient…for at least 72 hours. I cannot stress that enough,” Jackson said. 

Jackson explained that it’s not only about having food, water and medicines handy. It also means knowing your evacuation zone and having your property or rental insurance papers handy and up to date. 

You can find valuable information on hurricane season and necessary preparations HERE

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