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Get an inside look at the Broward Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit elite team in the latest episode of Shop Talk with the Sheriff

Covering 1,300 square miles and serving almost two million residents, BSO's Aviation Unit is the only law enforcement aviation unit operating in Broward County. To get an inside look at this specialized unit, Sheriff Gregory Tony is joined by special guests Lieutenant Dave Fernandez, who oversees the Special Operations Division, and Tactical Flight Officer, Deputy Paul Sada. This program is unique in that it focuses solely on law enforcement missions offering a significant tactical and intelligence advantage from the sky.
“Our ultimate goal is to provide safety for everyone on the ground,” Lt. Fernandez said. “The people in need, the capsized vessels where we need to get the right marine patrol units out there. It’s a wide range of things that we do. It goes beyond anything criminal. Whether it’s in-house stuff that we do with our SWAT team, dive rescue, dignitary protection. There’s a lot of good that goes unnoticed that the Aviation Unit provides.”

Take a look at the unit’s recent achievements from July 1, 2019 through March 1, 2021:
Missions Flown - 5,335
Flight Hours - 3,112
Aircrew Arrests - 718
Outside Agency Assists - 1,916
Stolen Vehicle Recoveries - 541
Missing/Endangered Person Recoveries - 109

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Miranda Grossman/PIO

Date: April 2, 2021