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In comparison to the general population, first responders are up to three times as likely to develop PTSD or related disorders. To address this issue proactively, Dr. Vincent Van Hasselt, professor of psychology and director of the First Responder Research and Training Team at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), invited the Broward Sheriff’s Office to partner with NSU on several important programs. Sheriff Gregory Tony and Dr. Van Hasselt discuss these programs and resources during the latest episode of Shop Talk with the Sheriff.

Dr. Van Hasselt works with a number of different first responders, from law enforcement officers to fire rescue, detention deputies and crime scene investigators, to learn to identify signs of mental health risks from trauma exposure and how to respond to it. 

“By virtue of trauma exposure over an extended period of time that always makes these groups high risk. As a psychologist, I’ve always looked to see where psychology can do the most to help and assist law enforcement professionals,” Dr. Van Hasselt said.

Tune in to learn more about BSO's new Peer Support Team program and other important ways Dr. Van Hasselt is contributing to mental health awareness at BSO and across the nation.

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Miranda Grossman/PIO

Date: May 19, 2021