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Happy New Year!

January marks my one-year anniversary as your sheriff. The leadership of the Broward Sheriff’s Office has made a lot of changes that we sincerely believe will increase the safety for all of Broward County. During the past year, we have implemented many new initiatives that we trust are addressing important public safety needs and the needs of our communities.

Now it is time for your feedback. We don’t want to know how WE are doing. We want to know how YOU are doing. Do you feel safer? Have our new initiatives helped you? Do you believe your children are safer in school? How have our deputies assisted you? What is important to you that we may not be addressing? Tell us everything - we want to know.

Open communication with our communities is important to our success. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to send us your comments to

Since taking command of this organization, I have demonstrated my commitment to being transparent. We value your input, and I firmly believe that together we will work toward meeting all the needs of this community.

Service Equals Reward

Sheriff Gregory Tony