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I have dedicated my career in law enforcement to making a positive impact on the lives of the citizens in the community. Now, as sheriff, it is the foundation of how I run the Broward Sheriff’s Office. I have seen how small interactions with the public achieve huge safety results, so I have directed our deputies to get out of their squad cars, walk the streets and connect with people. These interactions go a long way toward building trust and respect, raising awareness and bridging any gaps that may exist. When we are more visible and hands-on, people feel more comfortable sharing concerns, providing helpful tips and ultimately contributing to a safer and brighter future for all.

With this in mind, BSO is ready to take community policing to the next level. I’m excited to announce the launch of the Neighborhood Support Teams (NST), an innovative new initiative focused on further strengthening law enforcement and community relationships.

The NST, which will be comprised of law enforcement representatives, will work with various members of the community to develop a strong network of representation and involvement. This includes leaders, business stakeholders, faith-based institutions, school board officials, activists, mental health professionals, social workers, residents, youth groups and high school students.

These individuals and groups are the eyes and ears of their neighborhoods. They have the pulse of the community, understand their strengths and weaknesses and provide an intimate perspective on the needs of their area beyond routine calls for service.

The NST’s responsibilities are far-reaching and extend to every corner of the county. Our representatives will host monthly meetings with stakeholders to maintain engagement and continue to foster positive working relationships. In addition, they will play an active role in various community events, experiences and partnerships.

Teams will provide numerous educational opportunities, including hosting public safety seminars and cultural diversity discussions, and providing education on other important topics, such as civilian rights pertaining to policing encounters and civilian active shooter response protocols.

They will also help connect varied groups, including veterans, the elderly, individuals suffering from mental health problems and those struggling to put food on their table, with vital resources to help provide them with the assistance they need. And we are focusing on our youth through back-to-school initiatives and mentorship opportunities.

To learn more about Neighborhood Support Teams, please visit us at

Service Equals Reward

Sheriff Gregory Tony