Criminal Investigations Division

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Criminal Investigations Division

BSO's Criminal Investigations Division is the agency's central detective bureau for major crimes. Homicides, robberies, sexual offenses and other violent crimes against persons are investigated by detectives assigned to one of three primary sections:

Violent Crimes Section

includes the Violent Crimes Unit, Homicide Unit and Missing Persons Unit. These units investigate the most serious crimes that threaten society; aggravated assault, aggravated battery, stalking, kidnapping, attempted murder, homicide, arsons with injury/death, as well as the investigation of missing/vulnerable persons and our most dated and challenging cold cases.

Major Crimes Section

includes the Special Victims Unit, Robbery Unit, and Economic Crimes Unit. These units investigate an array of serious offenses that present a threat to the most vulnerable of society: abuse of children, the elderly/disabled, and animals, sexual crimes, domestic/dating violence, armed robbery, fraud/identity theft, unscrupulous contractors and the apprehension of society's most wanted fugitives.

Administrative Support Section

includes the Case Filing Unit, Victim Advocate Unit, Crime Scene Unit, Crime Lab and Career Criminal Unit. This section tracks and monitors sexual predators/offenders, and provides robust analytical and administrative support critical to the success of the Major and Violent Crimes Sections while utilizing the latest in computer and internet technologies.