Missing Persons

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If you have any information regarding missing persons, please contact the Broward Sheriff's Office at (954) 321-4735.

Name Missing Since Current Age Photo Available
Robyn AdlerMay 19, 198357Yes
Samantha AlpertMarch 4, 201724Yes
Theresa BoldenMay 27, 200453Yes
Wendy BrownDecember 29, 196956Yes
Briana BryanOctober 19, 201624No
Briana BryantJune 30, 201724No
Mackinson ColasJune 19, 200326No
Thomas CouchSeptember 13, 201735No
Nelson Cruz-CorderoSeptember 14, 201754No
Ramona DawkinsSeptember 9, 201722No
Yvette DulcioJuly 25, 199448Yes
Howard EgglestonNovember 3, 198482No
Nancy EstremeraJune 7, 199948Yes
Danila Ferreira-NavarroFebruary 1, 201733No
O'Nivea FowlerOctober 19, 20163No
O'Bryan FowlerOctober 19, 20162No
Okai FowlerJune 30, 20170No
Yalitza GarciaJuly 2, 200932Yes
Sharon GaskinMay 27, 199839No
Kristian Gonzalez CiprianSeptember 11, 201518No
Jake GrantJune 19, 200326No
Shaynithia GreeneMarch 2, 199342Yes
Michael GrochowskyAugust 18, 199174Yes
Hiwat HagosJuly 4, 199850No
Michelle HarleyJuly 22, 198951Yes
Maurice JeffersonNovember 30, 198350Yes
Dave JohnsonMay 17, 199849No
Heather LaceyJune 10, 201334Yes
Deborah LoweFebruary 29, 197259Yes
Rossana MalianiNovember 26, 200540Yes
Robin MarlowMay 13, 198263Yes
Oleg NazarovaJune 15, 201667No
Anna NazarovaJune 15, 20164No
Eusebio PerezSeptember 2, 199764Yes
Debbie ProsserMay 15, 198458Yes
Nasir QaziJanuary 19, 201777No
Jason RappeDecember 18, 201246No
Valorie RobbinsOctober 9, 201661Yes
Sharon ScutnikDecember 16, 200848Yes
Lauren SonnerAugust 30, 201736No
Debra TownselSeptember 27, 198058Yes
Carlos TrotzMarch 24, 201668Yes
Leah Van schoickAugust 15, 198252Yes
Michael VirgilioSeptember 16, 201764No
Dale ViselJune 27, 198063Yes
Julia WillamsJuly 11, 200560Yes
Israel WrightSeptember 9, 20170No
Debra YoungNovember 4, 199851Yes
Maria ZullagaOctober 6, 201742No

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