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Parents, teachers and law enforcement professionals are constantly seeking ways to expose teenagers to positive values and role models. The Law Enforcement Explorers Program at the Broward Sheriff's Office is a successful example of how adult intervention can instill responsibility, leadership, teamwork and self-reliance.

The program works with teens and young adults (14-20 years of age) by allowing them to interact with law enforcement and other community advisors in a serious, regimented atmosphere where the students can demonstrate their personal initiative. The program offers young adults the opportunity to learn and experience lawful citizenship as they participate side-by-side with law enforcement deputies and civilian personnel in ongoing training and community service projects.

Explorers receive a wide variety of training, including basic and advanced Law Enforcement Explorer Academy training programs, including, but not limited to, self-defense; patrol procedures; traffic stops; report writing; domestic violence; Florida law; and, arrest procedures.

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Explorers who first enter the program are placed on a six-month probationary period. All Explorers are required to attend weekly meetings, which include wearing their uniforms for inspection and training seminars.

Explorers participate in a variety of community policing projects including child fingerprinting, school safety seminars and crime prevention programs. Explorers can also assist in various law enforcement details including traffic control and searches. Explorers who are 16 years old or older, and who meet eligibility requirements, are allowed to ride with BSO patrol deputies during their normal shifts.

To qualify for membership, candidates must be at least 14 years of age and under 21; must achieve and maintain satisfactory school grades; and, must make a conscientious effort to stay out of trouble. Candidates under 18 years old must have the approval and cooperation of a parent or guardian. The Broward Sheriff's Office Explorers are recognized nationwide and have earned numerous awards throughout their competitions.

Senior Explorer Advisors

BSO Law Enforcement Explorers Duties

BSO Law Enforcement Explorers commit time on Tuesdays, Saturdays (and occasionally Sundays) to the program and to the assistance of BSO deputies. Explorers are called upon to assist in a variety of situations:

Public Safety

To provide assistance to the public in areas such as aiding the injured and locating lost persons.

Traffic and Crowd Control

To facilitate the safe and efficient movements of traffic (vehicles and pedestrians) as required by department personnel during specified functions, i.e. youth fairs, pioneer days, carnivals, and traffic accidents.

Crime Prevention

Explorers will assist the Crime Prevention Unit in its endeavors to increase public awareness of the principles and practices of crime prevention.

NOTE: No affiliation with Learning for Life or Boy Scouts of America.