BSO Print Logo Broward County Sheriff's Office
Broward Sheriff's Office Civil Division
2601 West Broward Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

All documents for service should be mailed to:

Broward Sheriff's Office
Civil Division
P.O. Box 9507
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310
Phone: (954) 831-8787
General Fax: (954) 321-4713

Other Important Phone Numbers:

BSO Restraining Order Issuance Information

To learn whether a respondent has been served with a restraining order, please call (954) 831-8777.

Jail Confinement Status Information

To inquire if the respondent is in jail, please call (954) 831-5900.

Victim Notification

To be notified if the respondent has been or is being released from jail, please call (954) 321-4135.

Women in Distress

For information about the services and resources available through Women in Distress, please call their 24-hour hotline at (954) 761-1133.

BSO Special Process Server Information

For information about BSO's Special Process Server appointments, please call (954) 321-4426.

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