Policy of Recording Outgoing Inmate Telephone Calls

Beginning on January 3, 2007, the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) Department of Detention began recording all outgoing inmate telephone calls, except those calls between the inmate and his/her counsel.

For non-attorney calls, the inmate and the recipient of the call will be notified via a pre-recorded message when a phone call is subject to recording, and the recipient will be required to consent to such recording for the call to be made.

For attorney calls, BSO's phone service provider has created a 'do not record' list of attorneys phone numbers in the tri-county area that are on file with the Florida Bar. This list is updated on an annual basis, so it may not capture all attorney phone numbers listed with the Bar in the tri-county area.

If an attorney receives a call from a client in the jail on a phone number listed with the Florida Bar and a message is heard indicating that the call will be recorded, then the call will be recorded if accepted by the attorney. If the attorney does not wish the call to be recorded, the attorney is requested to contact the BSO Inmate Telephone Coordinator at 3700 W. Oakland Park Blvd.  Lauderdale Lakes, Fl 33311


Please note that acceptance of calls from clients in the jail after hearing the message that the phone call will be recorded constitutes consent to the recording, and will result in such calls being recorded. Further, if an attorney wishes to add additional telephone numbers to the 'do not record' list, the attorney must send a written request on the attorney's letterhead to the Inmate Telephone Coordinator at the above address.

Please also note that BSO's inmate phone system prevents three-way calling from jail phones. If the phone system detects a three-way call, which includes placing a call on hold, interoffice phone transfers, and voicemail, the phone call may automatically terminate. Issues regarding dropped calls from the jail should be referred to the Inmate Telephone Coordinator.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and understanding as BSO implements enhancements to the jail telephone system designed to increase safety and security in the detention facilities.