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The Juvenile Assessment Center is the central receiving and intake facility for all arrested juveniles in Broward County. Youth brought to the Juvenile Assessment Center by law enforcement officers are fingerprinted, photographed and booked. In addition, youth receive assessments of their risk to the public, mental health and substance abuse disorders, and referral to court and community services. An intake process is completed on the youth as well as an initial mental health and substance abuse assessment (PACT). The detention screening instrument is also administered, if applicable, and if necessary the juvenile is referred to the BSO Juvenile Assessment Team for a more in-depth assessment. If the JAT determines additional services are needed, they will link the juvenile to existing community services through their case management component.

One of the main priorities of the JAC Intake facility personnel is to ensure the care, custody and control of juvenile detainees. This practice minimizes safety concerns, while eliminating the risks of juvenile detainee escapes. The physical structure of the JAC, along with the safety practices undertaken by the deputies, aids with ensuring the safety and security of juvenile detainees. Expectation: Provide a consistent and valuable service to youth and their families as well to the community, law enforcement agencies and the juvenile justice system. Mission: To ensure all youth receive timely, professional services to assess their individual strengths and needs, and to make referrals for services to prevent juvenile delinquency.

Juvenile Assessment Team

The Juvenile Assessment Team (JAT) works collaboratively with the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Broward Sheriff's Office, local police departments and community agencies, provides assessment and case management services to at-risk youth. The JAT program is funded through a contract with the Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Office via the Broward Behavioral Health coalition as the Managing Entity. The JAT provides assessment services for youth referred by the Juvenile Assessment Center at the time of arrest, and also accepts external referrals from field Juvenile Probation officers, as well as BSO's r Prevention and Intervention Program. The mission of the Juvenile Assessment Team is to prevent future criminal behavior and arrests of the at-risk youth served by the Juvenile Assessment Team. Our goal is to successfully link youth and their families to therapeutic services to increase protective factors address behavioral health issues and provide hope for a better future outlook for the youth we serve. The JAT and the families we serve share a common aim to help our kids in Broward county make a positive change from delinquency to a happy, healthy and productive life.

Community Justice Program

The Community Justice Program provides pre and post arrest diversion services to youth ages 7 to 17 that are referred for criminal offenses allegedly committed within Broward County. Juveniles enter the voluntary program via pre-arrest Civil Citation referral issued by a law enforcement officer or via a post arrest diversion referral from the State Attorney's Office. The program also attends to the needs of crime victims (associated with the juvenile's case) and the community through the implementation of restorative justice principles.

The goal of the Community Justice Program is to accomplish the following:

  • Decrease recidivism
  • Reduce youth risk factors
  • Provide and link youth to appropriate community services to meet their social, educational and health needs
  • Youth will achieve/maintain positive school performance, attendance and behavior
  • Strengthen and improve family relationships
  • Strengthen youth attachment to community
  • Address victim needs for counseling, reparation and restitution
  • Address community needs for safety

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