Suicide Prevention

Suicide is preventable. If you notice any of these warning signs, especially if the behavior is new, has increased or seems related to a painful event, loss or change, step up and take action. You have the power to make a difference and save a life.


Do your friends or loved ones…

  • talk about wanting to die or to kill themselves?
  • look for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun?
  • talk about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live?
  • talk about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain?
  • talk about being a burden to others?
  • increase the use of alcohol or drugs?
  • act anxious or agitated; behave recklessly?
  • sleep too little or too much?
  • withdraw or isolate themselves?
  • show rage or talk about seeking revenge?
  • exhibit extreme mood swings?

Evidence shows that providing support services, talking about suicide, reducing access to means of self-harm and following up with loved ones are just some of the actions we can all take to help others. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions today, because otherwise there may not be a tomorrow.

Call 211 if you suspect any risk or Text “FL” to 741741.

For more information on suicide prevention, please visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at