Gun Return Policy

Public Surrender of Unwanted Firearms/Ammunition - The Broward Sheriff's Office will take possession of unwanted firearms/ammunition from citizens for safe disposal.

Option 1: (Preferred)

Call BSO non-emergency line at 954-764-4357 (HELP) and advise you have firearm/ammunition to surrender for disposal. Leave the firearm/ ammunition in a location away from you in the home/business, allowing the responding deputy to retrieve it when they arrive. The deputy will take possession of the firearm/ammunition for disposal.

Option 2:

Secure the unwanted firearm/ammunition in the trunk of your vehicle. Drive to the closest BSO district office and park in the visitor's lot. Leave the firearm/ammunition secured in your vehicle while you go inside and advise the desk personnel that you have firearm/ammunition in the car that you wish to surrender. A deputy will meet with you and retrieve the weapon from your vehicle for disposal.