Law Enforcement Trust Fund

Every year, the Broward Sheriff’s Office helps local non-profit organizations further their mission in the community by helping them apply for money from the LETF. Why not find out if this year we can help yours?

LETF money comes from the seizure and forfeiture of contraband that has been used in the commission of a felony, and state law allows BSO to use those funds for the benefit of the community.

To find out if your charitable organization is eligible to receive part of those funds, we invite you to attend our upcoming LETF Workshops. At the workshop, you can learn more about the qualifying rules and receive assistance with the application process. Staff will be on hand with applications and to answer any questions from interested organizations.

Law Enforcement Trust Fund Workshop
2 - 4 p.m., Wednesday, September 18, 2019
African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
2650 Sistrunk Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

Sheriff Gregory Tony and all of the men and women of the Broward Sheriff's Office look forward to the opportunity to assist organizations with funding to help them be even more successful in serving the needs of our community.

For additional information, please click HERE.

If you were in attendance at the workshop, you can find the application and presentation below:

2019-20 LETF Application

LETF Presentation

Sheriff Gregory Tony recognizes the vast quantity of services that not-for-profit organizations provide residents in Broward County. Sheriff Tony understands LETF are vital to our mission of connecting with youth and providing programs, mentorships and assistance and is committed to supporting these agencies in any way he can. As such, he has streamlined the process for organizations to funding ensuring the process is fair and funds are distributed equitably to most qualified, deserving organizations. to compete for funds that will be distributed equitably to the o

Under the auspices of Florida Statute, Chapter 932.701-706, "Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act," BSO has funds available for distribution in the Broward community. These funds are better known by their common name - Law Enforcement Trust Funds (LETF).

The Florida Statute was established to allow law enforcement agencies to seize and forfeit any contraband that have been used in the commissions of felonies. This includes vehicles, vessels, aircraft, real property, cash or any other item of value. The cash or proceeds from a sale of the seized items go into the Law Enforcement Trust Funds account for use by the law enforcement agency.

Under the law, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners is responsible for holding the funds in the trust until they are used. However, a feature of the Florida Statute allows BSO to use these funds for community purposes (FS 932.7055). The law states:

After July 1, 1992, and during every fiscal year thereafter, any local law enforcement agency that acquires at least $15,000 pursuant to the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act within a fiscal year must expend or donate no less than 15 percent of such proceeds for the support or operation of any drug treatment, drug abuse education, drug prevention, crime prevention, safe neighborhood or school resource officer program(s). The local law enforcement agency has the discretion to determine which program(s) will receive the designated proceeds.