Department of Community Services

The Department of Community Services has various responsibilities, including: Crime Stoppers, Youth & Neighborhood Services, Civil and Court Services.

The Broward County Crime Stoppers Program assists all Broward law enforcement agencies in gathering anonymous tips and directing them to appropriate agencies as part of its commitment to countywide services. Crime Stoppers itself is a separate nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors which raises and oversees the expenditure of reward funds. All monies raised for rewards are used exclusively for that purpose. No taxpayer monies are expended.

The Community Services programs includes people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop trust, understanding and a method to learn from each other to jointly develop solutions. Through continuous and direct interaction with community groups, they connect the Broward Sheriff's Office with the community in a positive and productive manner to foster the ongoing partnership between law enforcement and the community.

The Youth & Special Needs Services Section encompasses several different programs targeting the county's youth and special needs population. These programs include the Juvenile Justice Team, Homeless Outreach Team, Crisis Intervention Team, Explorers, Explorer Cadets and the Police Athletic League. The Neighborhood Services Section is comprised of various units which provide services directly related to local neighborhoods. These programs include the Citizens on Patrol (COP) Unit, Crime Prevention Unit and Parking Enforcement.

The Broward Sheriff's Office Civil Division carries out the sheriff's statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. The Civil Division also enforces levies and writs of attachment and conducts sheriff's sales to aid in the collection of money judgments.

Court Services is responsible for the day-to-day security and operations of all circuit and county courts in Broward. Currently, this includes 92 judges, 11 magistrates, general masters and other court officials, as well as 1,500 criminal justice employees working in the main courthouse.

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