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In 2001, administration of Broward County's probation program was transferred from court administration to the Broward Sheriff's Office. BSO monitors misdemeanor offenders sentenced in county court to ensure compliance with conditions imposed by the court, provides assistance to offenders through referrals to social service agencies.

Probation is the post-trial liaison between the individual and the court. In a typical scenario, an individual is sentenced to probation by a judge, assigned a probation officer, set up with a case management plan, reports at least monthly to the assigned officer and complies with the orders of the court. Successful compliance results in a closed case. If, however, an individual fails to comply with the orders within the timeframe specified, probation is violated and a warrant is issued for arrest.

BSO's Probation Division provides intake processing, monitoring and supervision of all misdemeanor offenders placed on probation or community service by the County Court. The agency also provides investigative and violation reports which aid the Court in determining appropriate sentencing for offenders and protection for the community.

BSO's Probation Division also supervises the Misdemeanor Diversion Program for "first- time offenders". The program is a 3-6 month supervision period depending on the type of charge. Upon successful completion of the program, the offender's case is dismissed.

For more information, please contact the Probation Division at (954) 765-8900.


What is the benefit of being on Misdemeanor Probation?

It is an alternative to being placed in jail, allowing a person to remain in the community while meeting court imposed conditions.

How long can a person be sentenced to Misdemeanor Probation?

The maximum sentence for County Probation is one year.

What is the primary role of a Probation Specialist?

They meet with probationers on a monthly basis, giving them guidance while working toward completing court imposed conditions, providing any resources needed to achieve their goals.

What type of offenses does BSO Probation oversee?

The majority of caseloads consist of DUI’s, Petit Theft, Possession of Cannabis, Battery and Driving While License Suspended.

What reasons might a person choose to participate in the MDP (Misdemeanor Diversion Program and what is the criteria to qualify?

If a person attends and completes the MDP program, there charges will be e Pros. To qualify one must be a first time offender.

Probation Main Office

540 S.E. 3rd Ave., 1st Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 357-5900
FAX: (954) 765-4567

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Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
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