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BSO's Reentry Division provides an array of services to its participants.  The program is designed to assist individuals 18 and over to reintegrate back into the community following release from jail or prison and to assist individuals at-risk for criminal justice involvement.  The Division provides its clients with the support mechanisms needed to successfully reside in the community while at the same time monitoring their activity to prevent recidivism.

The Division works with the participants to identify and address underlying problems such as substance use, joblessness, and/or mental health concerns that may have contributed to their self-defeating behaviors.

The program typically begins while individuals are incarcerated. However, clients may reside in the community.  BSO's Supervision Specialist meets with potential participants while they are incarcerated to begin the discharge planning process.   A reentry plan developed with the client is designed to address the client's needs.  While incarcerated, concerns such as housing in the community, substance use treatment, transportation, and identification will be addressed.  Once released from custody, the Supervision Specialist will continue to assist the client and link the client with the appropriate services.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  •          Supportive Housing
  •          Transportation (bus passes)
  •          ID (Driver's license or Florida identification)
  •          Referrals for health insurance and health care services
  •          Assistance with applying for social security benefits
  •          Assistance in completing TANF & SNAP applications
  •          Job Referral, Placement, and Training (the Reentry Division employs 2 Community Job Developers)
  •          Basic Computer Training
  •          Financial Planning and Budgeting
  •          Career Assessments
  •          Personality Inventory
  •          Anger Management Classes (the Reentry Division employs Specialists who are certified in Anger Management)
  •          Conflict Management Assessment
  •          Drug Testing
  •          Substance Use Treatment Referrals
  •          Court Liaison (for clients ordered to the program)
  •          Risk Assessments
  •          Case Planning

The Division has a menu of services available on-site and referral resources off-site to address the client's needs. Each client is assigned a Supervision Specialist who works with him/her to build these services into their daily schedules and then works with them to achieve their goals.

Broward Reentry Portal

The Broward Reentry Portal is a comprehensive post-custody reentry program for offenders released from the Florida Department of Corrections penal institutions who are returning to live in Broward County. The Reentry Center is designed to be a one-stop shop for a variety of programs and services. It is a partnership between BSO, the Florida Department of Corrections, the Broward Reentry Coalition and other community providers to help remove some of the barriers to successful community reentry and to provide formerly incarcerated persons the support they need to restructure their lives, become self-sufficient and achieve success. The Center provides in-reach into the prisons to begin the discharge planning process, conducts risk/needs assessment, criminal registration, comprehensive case planning, employability skills, job placement and retention, life skills, mentoring, supportive housing assistance, transportation assistance and other services based on program participant needs and willingness to participate. These services are intended to maximize offender success in reintegration into the community, reduce recidivism and increase public safety.

Jail Reentry Program

The Reentry Division has also established a Jail Reentry Desk for individuals released from Broward County's Main Jail.  Individuals who are released from jail, oftentimes feel vulnerable upon initial discharge. To assist with the community transition, the Division currently has a Reentry Specialist stationed at the exit of the Main Jail. Participation is voluntary.  Those being release are interviewed to ascertain their immediate need when they are released. The Reentry Specialist will provide information and service referrals to community providers, including a referral to our own Reentry offices.

Bus passes are offered to the newly released inmate in order to assist with transportation needs. Individuals may schedule an appointment with a Reentry Specialist to assist them with housing, employment, mental health concerns, and substance use concerns.  In addition to this contact, follow-up communication is done within 24 hours of discharge from jail.

The Reentry Division's goal is to address recidivism at every point of incarceration and beyond. All of the Division's programs consider the needs of the individual and the community, addressing issues relevant for success.

For more information, contact the Reentry Division at 954-831-5316 (Fort Lauderdale location) or 954-375-6293 (Lauderdale Lakes location).  

Fort Lauderdale location: 5400 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Lauderdale Lakes location: 2926 North State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33313