Internship Faq

FAQs about Internship Programs at BSO

Who can apply for an internship?

College students that are able to earn college credit for participating in an internship are eligible to apply. Some students, depending on their major and university, may be required to or are offered the opportunity to complete an internship for college credit.

Are there deadlines for applying for an internship?

The internship program is available throughout the year in conjunction with academic semesters: spring (January-April), summer (May-August) and fall (September-December). It is recommended that students submit the application 10 - 12 weeks prior to the semester they wish to begin the internship to allow ample time to complete the selection process. The Broward Sheriff's Office has a limited number of internships available per semester and placement into an internship is not guaranteed.

What is the selection process for an internship with the Broward Sheriff's Office?

Interested students must submit the Academic Internship Application and all required documents to the Bureau of Human Resources. Interns who qualify will be subject to an extensive selection process and screening program, which may include, but not be limited to interview; polygraph examination; background check and drug screen.

How many hours per week will I work with BSO in order to receive internship credit?

The commitment of hours per week depends on the university requirement and how many credits the student is seeking to earn. Every university varies as to the number of hours and assignments that go along with the internship. To get clarification of what is expected from the university, the student must meet with their academic advisor or professor.

Are the internships paid?

No, the academic internships are not paid.

What will I be doing during my internship?

An internship assignment depends on the student's major and interests. Duties can include observatory training, supervised participation and special project assistance. Interns also have the opportunity to tour sites other than their assigned internship site, such as the jail facilities, Crime Lab, Communications Division, etc.