Human Resources

The Broward Sheriff's Office employs a diverse group of men and women in the public safety profession, encompassing Law Enforcement, Detention and Fire Rescue Emergency Services. The agency is comprised of over 5,400 sworn and support personnel serving the Broward County community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an administrative function, the Bureau of Human

Resources consist of seven (7) sections that cohesively work to recruit and support personnel:

Selection and Assessment: processes and reviews applications, manages skills assessment testing, assures compliance with Florida Department of Law Enforcement standards and administers promotional processes.

Backgrounds Investigation: receives all full-time/part-time application information from Selection and Assessment. Each applicant file is strictly scrutinized to ensure the Broward Sheriff's Office hires the best candidate for the position.

Human Resources Information Management (HRIM): an integrated system used to efficiently and effectively gather, store and analyze an organization's human resource data. HRIM is not only limited to the technological components of its hardware and software, but it also includes people, policies and procedures required for business process management agency-wide.

Classification and Compensation: administers the agency's compensation plans, collective bargaining agreements and new employee orientations, among other duties.

Employee Benefits: administers the health and welfare, as well as the ancillary programs (life, AD&D, disability, etc.) for the employees and retirees of the Broward Sheriff's Office. Employee Benefits also oversees the processes for Retirement, Random & Mandated Drug Testing and all leave programs (FMLA, Sick Leave Pool, and Medical Leave of Absence).

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): a work-site-based program designed to assist employees in the identification and resolution of work or personal issues which could diminish their peak performance. Confidential counseling is available to employees and family members for issues such as marriage, family, relationships, stress, alcohol and substance abuse, step-family adjustment, bereavement/grief, parenting, eating disorders, aging parents, pain management, coping with illness, supervisor conflict and retirement concerns.

Equal Employment Opportunity Division (EEOD): ensures that the Broward Sheriff's Office, as an agency of Broward County, Florida, adheres to its stated policy and goals of equal opportunity in the workplace; and, thereby, does not engage in any discriminatory behavior as defined by federal or state law or county ordinance or policy of the agency. The EEOD accomplishes this core mission through its collaborative work within the agency, working with all divisions at all levels.

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