Christmas Tree Safety

If you're setting up a live tree for Christmas this year, remember these important safety tips from BSO Fire Rescue:

  • Make sure your Christmas tree is fresh, not dry and losing its needles. A tree should not lose green needles when you tap it on the ground.
  • Trees cut early in the season run a greater risk of drying up before the holidays are over, making them more dangerous if left decorated with electrical lights.
  • It is important to keep your tree well hydrated to avoid post holiday fire hazards. The stand should hold at least one gallon of water. A 6-foot tree will use approximately one (1) gallon of water every two days. Don't forget to check the water level every day.
  • BSO Fire Rescue recommends that a tree be removed from the home in the event that it becomes dry and begins shedding needles. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE!
  • Remove the tree as soon as possible after Christmas. Dispose of all paper products and boxes at once. Do not allow them to accumulate under the tree.
  • Never burn a tree in a fireplace. Dry Christmas trees burn very hot and quickly. The fire may rapidly leave the fireplace and move into your home. Also, a Christmas tree is very oily and may damage your fireplace.

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