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Ceremony 3 p.m., Wed., Jan. 21st
Amaturo Theatre at Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Thirty-seven members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office will be promoted Wednesday by Sheriff Ken Jenne at an official ceremony in Fort Lauderdale.
The newly named command personnel are being drawn from BSO’s Department of Detention, Department of Law Enforcement and Child Protective Investigations Section. The promotions will range from sergeant – the rank of line-level supervisors – to colonel and lieutenant colonel – the second and third highest positions achievable within BSO’s organizational structure. Two new district chiefs will also be named.
Major James Wimberly is being promoted to colonel and will serve as Executive Director of the Department of Detention and Community Control.
Major Rick Frey is being promoted to lieutenant colonel and will be assigned to the Department of Detention.
Business Manager Linda Kristofik is being promoted to Assistant Director of the Bureau of Resource Management and Commander Walter Laun is being promoted to captain, transferred to the Inmate Management Unit.
Captain Frank Lightbourn and Lt. George Jarboe are both being promoted to chief. Chief Lightbourn will remain in Pompano Beach (District 11), where he has been assigned, and Chief Jarboe will stay in unincorporated Fort Lauderdale (District 5) where he has served as executive officer.
Lt. John Hale, currently serving in Pompano Beach (District 11) is being promoted to captain and will remain in Pompano.
The following sergeants are being promoted to lieutenant: Paul Arndt, Catherine Badgett, Brian Montgomery, Julian Ulvang, Frederick Wood, Linda Canada-Stuck, and John Palmer.
The following deputies are being promoted to sergeant: James Carpenter, Catherine Cummings, Richard Foust, Alec Williams, Steven Derstine, Angelo Cedeno, Michael Kallman, Mitchell Kogod, Richard Pisanti, Eduardo Rosende, Chandra Jefferson, Jennifer Zinglo, Patrick White, Carlos Carrillo, Jay Leiner, Hector Rodriguez, Anthony Garcia, Thomas Gentile, David Holmes, Thomas Palmer, and Rudolph Nesbitt.
Child Protective Investigations Section Investigators Jyothi Aranha and Erica Barnes are both being promoted to the position of supervisor.

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Jim Leljedal / Media Relations

Posted At: 01/21/2003 04:51 PM

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