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BSO Case Number: TM03-02-1341
PIO Number: 03-2-50
Date: November 2002 – February 2003
Place of Occurrence: 8506 NW 61 Street, Tamarac


  • Ambrus Orban, male, 8506 NW 61 Street, Tamarac
  • Maria Farcasiu, female, 8506 NW 61 Street, Tamarac


  • Janet Varhegyi, 38, 3/5/64, female, 1595 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park

Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested an Oakland Park woman for stealing close to $10,000 worth of personal property from a Tamarac couple for whom she was house sitting.

Between November 11, 2002 and February 10, 2003, while house sitting for two friends, Janet Varhegyi admitted to removing several items from their home in Tamarac at 8506 NW 61 Street and pawning those items. Varhegyi pawned about 63 items including: jewelry, construction tools, music CD’s, movies, a rifle and more.

She told BSO detectives that she was having some financial problems and that her intentions were to pawn the belongings then buy the items back before Ambrus Orban and his fiancée, Maria Farcasiu, returned home from vacationing in Europe.

Florida law requires pawnshop owners to provide sheriff’s offices and police departments with the names, addresses and thumbprints of customers along with a description of pawned merchandise. Through the Pawn Trac process, investigators were able to document approximately 20 separate transactions at five different pawnshops made by Varhegyi.

Varhegyi was arrested Wednesday morning at her job in Oakland Park. She faces one count of grand theft and 20 counts of dealing in stolen property. Varhegyi remains in jail in lieu of a $51,500 bond.

Orban and Farcasiu have only been able to recover less than one-third of their belongings.

INVESTIGATORS: Det. V. Ciacciarelli, Dist. 7
THIS REPORT BY: Veda Coleman-Wright/PIO

Posted At: 02/27/2003 12:52 PM


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