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Keep kids safe as they return to school

As Broward County students make their way back to school, BSO wants you to be aware of these important safety tips to help keep kids safe to and from their classrooms.,For children who walk or ride bicycles or the bus:

  • Discuss with your children the safest route to and from school or to the bus stop. Map out the route you help your children select and walk with them so they may become familiar with it. Teach your children to stop, look and listen for approaching and turning vehicles, especially those turning right on red.
  • Teach your children to use crosswalks. Make sure your children understand they must walk, not run, across the street - and continue to look for vehicles. Help your children understand how important it is to cooperate with deputies, school safety patrols and adult crossing guards.
  • Make sure your children walk with friends - not alone.
  • Teach children to avoid places that could be dangerous and tell them to notify an adult (you, a teacher, a neighbor, or a deputy) about anything that doesn’t seem quite right. Discuss drugs with your children, and emphasize their ability to just say “no” to teens or adults who offer them drugs. Remind children NEVER to talk to, ride or walk with strangers. They should run for help even if a stranger displays a weapon.
  • Encourage and praise your children for following safety guidelines every day.

For parents who drive their children to and from school:
  • Whenever possible, carpool with neighbors to reduce the number of cars at the school.
  • Observe posted speed limits in school zones. Drive cautiously around school locations even when reduced speed limits are not in effect as students participating in extracurricular activities after hours will still be crossing streets and riding bikes.
  • Arrange for a specific place to meet your children, on the same side of the street as the school and away from the congestion.
  • Use your seatbelt! Children will follow your example.
  • Use a properly installed car seat/booster seat for young children. BSO can help ensure you have correctly installed the seat. To find out the dates, times and locations of BSO’s free car seat safety checks, please call (954) 321-4777 or check BSO’s website (

For students who ride Broward County Transit buses to school:
  • Plainclothes and uniformed deputies are often on board county buses to make sure passengers’ rides are safe and enjoyable. Deputies will also be at certain school pick-up locations throughout the county to assist school children.
  • When boarding the bus, students should have the proper fare or their bus pass ready for the driver. Students should only board the bus through the front doors.
  • Students should be at their designated stop before the bus arrives. Make sure your children know that if they miss a bus, another one will pass through again. Remember that the driver is not allowed to stop in the middle of the road to pick up passengers.
  • Teach children never to cross the street in front of a bus. Traffic does not stop for a county bus as it must for a school bus.
  • School Resource Officers, a school administrator or the Broward Sheriff’s Mass Transit Unit can assist students who experience trouble with others or harassment on the bus. The Broward Sheriff’s Office Mass Transit Unit is located at the Broward Central Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale and can be reached at (954) 765-4324.

Posted At: 08/16/2002 12:00 AM

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