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BSO Case Number: PB02-06-07420 (update 2)
PIO Number: 02-8-1
Date: June 19, 2002
Place of Occurrence: 1200 N. Ocean Boulevard, #402, Pompano Beach


  • Philippe Michel Nicolas, 51, 2/12/51, 1200 N. Ocean Blvd, Pompano (DECEASED)


  • Christopher Giersz, 26, 12/12/75, 1449 NE 27 St., Pompano Beach

Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff's Office Homicide detectives have charged a Pompano Beach man with murder, auto theft and arson for killing a new acquaintance, stealing his jewelry (including a rare “doctor’s” pendant) and setting his sports car ablaze.

The victim, Philippe Nicolas, 51, was not a physician but he wore a “Caduceus pendant” and sometimes passed himself off as a doctor when trying to impress young men to whom he was attracted. Nicolas was found murdered in his apartment at the Tropics Resort, 1200 North Ocean Boulevard, on the morning of June 19, 2002. BSO investigators have determined that Christopher Giersz, 26, choked Nicolas to death the night of June 12th, after the two men met at Traders Resort on Ocean Blvd. In a statement to detectives, Giersz said Nicolas was interested in engaging in sexual acts but Giersz’ motive for murder was robbery. After killing Nicolas, Giersz stated, he took the victim’s watch, his Caduceus pendant and his 2001 Porsche Boxter. Giersz said he had trouble shifting the car’s manual transmission so he abandoned it in the 3100 block of Gateway Blvd. and set it on fire.

Detectives got their big break in the case last week when BSO’s Pawn Tracker program (a data base of pawned goods) revealed that a Caduceus pendant had been pawned July 22nd at Pompano Pawn at 3281 N. Federal Highway. Pawn records led to Christopher Giersz.

Detectives arrested Giersz Thursday afternoon and charged him with Felony (1st Degree) Murder, Grand Theft Auto, Arson, and Dealing in Stolen Property. He is being held without bond in BSO’s main jail.

Media note: photos of Giersz, Nicolas and the Caduceus pendant are attached at

THIS REPORT BY: Sgt. R. O’Neil, Det. G. Bukata & Det. D. Nicholson, CI Jim Leljedal / PIO District 11 8/2/02 1100

Posted At: 08/02/2002 11:09 AM


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