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Gone are the days when thieves went crawling and sneaking up through bushes, checking to see if someone’s home to commit a burglary. Residential burglaries are up! Today, criminals are bold, and they seek out their victims in broad daylight. They knock on doors, and if they get a response, they move on. If no one answers, they’ve found their next target.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office campaign “Keep Our Community Safe” aims to educate Broward County residents about how this crime has evolved and get everyone’s cooperation to catch these thieves. BSO personnel will be canvassing neighborhoods in all areas patrolled by BSO to talk to residents about how they can participate in this crime prevention initiative. Door hangers will be left on every door to make everyone aware of how these criminals operate and what they should do should they come in contact with a suspicious person.


9 a.m. December 13

North Andrews Gardens Community Center

251 NE 56 Ct., Oakland Park

“When we have residents’ cooperation, criminals don’t stand a chance,” Sheriff Al Lamberti said. “I can’t tell you how many times that phone call from an alert neighbor has helped us get a criminal off the street. This is what ‘Keep Our Community Safe’ is all about.”

In total, the areas patrolled by BSO have experienced a 20 percent increase in residential burglaries. If someone knocks on your door offering a service, asking for an unknown person or any other unsolicited offer or suspicious excuse, dial 911 immediately. BSO deputies will gladly come to your neighborhood to make sure those individuals are not criminals in disguise.

Burglars will often wear a uniform or drive a car with a company’s signage to try to dissuade your suspicions. When they find their target, they will break doors or windows to enter the home and steal valuable property. These burglaries happen mostly when homeowners are at work, between 9 a.m. and noon. By the time the homeowner realizes they have been burglarized, the criminals are nowhere to be found.

We urge residents to stay informed of the latest crimes and crime trends in their neighborhoods by signing up for BSO’s CyberVisor program. To do so, visit our website

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Posted At: 12/12/2011 11:27 AM

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