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BSO Case Number: DR12-02-01416
PIO Number: 12-3-4 (12-2-4B) (update)
Date: February 9, 2012
Time: 6:20 p.m.
Place of Occurrence: Highland Woods RV Park, 900 N.E. 48th St., Deerfield Beach
Jurisdiction: Deerfield Beach


  • Ovila Plante, 76, 8/18/35, male, 349 Rue Lamontagne, Latuque, Quebec (DECEASED)
  • Jeshiah De Jesus, 9, 12/28/02, male, 509 Newton Rd., Port Orange, FL (DECEASED)
  • Samson De Jesus, 7, 6/20/04, male, “ “
  • Pierrette Beauchemin, 70s, female, Quebec, Canada


  • Deanna De Jesus, 38, 5/21/74, female, 149 Estates Circle, Lake Mary, FL (IN CUSTODY)
  • Willam De Jesus, 41, 12/23/70, male, 509 Newton Rd., Port Orange, FL (DECEASED)

Description of Incident:

A woman who stood by as her drug-addled husband stabbed her two sons, killing one and badly wounding the other, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter and child neglect. Deanna De Jesus, 41, was taken into custody Friday afternoon by Lake Mary police officers and awaits transfer to Broward County.

Broward Sheriff’s Office homicide investigators say that on February 9, the De Jesus Family drove from their home in Port Orange to the Highland Woods RV Park in Deerfield Beach. They went to an RV belonging to 76-year-old Ovila Plante and his girlfriend, Pierrette Beauchemin. William De Jesus, an Oxycodone addict with cocaine in his system, fatally shot Plante in front of his RV and took Beauchemin hostage. Beauchemin later escaped from the RV after realizing that William De Jesus was planning to kill his family and her.

Inside, William De Jesus stabbed his 9-year-old son, Jeshiah, and his 7-year-old son, Samson, multiple times in an attack that lasted several minutes. Deanna De Jesus did nothing, investigators said, and protested only when her husband stabbed her. When he stabbed himself, Deanna De Jesus realized he was dead and that Samson was alive, but she did not go for help or call for help despite the presence of BSO’s SWAT team, who had surrounded the RV. As hours passed, she said nothing and did nothing to save her sons’ lives.

About five hours after the incident began, BSO’s SWAT team entered the RV, finding William and Jeshiah De Jesus dead. Samson and mother Deanna were critically wounded but both survived their injuries. The Broward County Medical Examiner determined that both William and Jeshiah De Jesus had cocaine in their systems when they died. Deanna De Jesus told a witness that she was aware that her husband sometimes crushed drugs and gave it to their sons. William De Jesus likely drove to South Florida to obtain drugs.

INVESTIGATORS: Det. V. Perez, Sgt. F. Feeley, Capt. R. Schnakenberg
THIS REPORT BY: Dani Moschella / PIO 3/2/12 1645

Posted At: 03/02/2012 04:45 PM

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