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BSO Case Number: BS02-03-12328
PIO Number: 02-3-43
Date: March 26, 2002
Place of Occurrence: 1801 SE 20th St., Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades, Terminal 2)


  • Numerous people. See below for names and addresses.


  • Robert H. Cortez, 82, 7/31/19, Hialeah, Florida

Description of Incident:

More than a half-dozen people were injured after an elderly driver apparently lost control of his vehicle at Port Everglades this morning.

Shortly after 9:00 am on Tuesday, March 26, 2002, 82-year-old Robert H. Cortez was reportedly attempting to back up his car to pick up luggage near Terminal 2, which serves Princess Cruise Lines. Cortez, of Hialeah, is said to have hit the accelerator instead of the brake, causing his car to lurch backwards, scrape another vehicle, and strike several people.

Five people hit by Cortez’s car were taken to Broward General Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. They are: Linda M. Norton, 60, 10/30/41, 1739 Hidden Hills, Gatlinburg, TN; Thadis Green, 57, 7/30/44, 431 NW 20th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jean M. Shearburn, 74, 1/11/28, 3318 Rosenburg Ln., Godfrey, IL; Beverly J. Barron, 73, 9/7/28, 423 Wilverside Way SE, Calgary, Alberta; Melvin M. Levine, 83, 9/27/18, 8751 Holly Ct., #204, Tamarac, FL.

Injured but not hospitalized were: Christine Loparco, 78, 3/25/24, 21951 Soundview Terrace, #201G, Boca Raton, FL; Joyce A. Faeth, DOB unknown, 5050 Timber Chase Way, Sarasota, FL; Elizabeth J. Bavaria, 67, 2/6/35, 4083 Shell Rd., Sarasota, FL; Jean A. Madl, 69, 11/28/32, 13945 Charles St., Grand Haven, MI.

None of the injures appear to be life threatening.

Mr. Cortez was cited for improper backing.

INVESTIGATORS: Deps. J. Vosburgh & M. Paparella
THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf / PIO 2/26/02 3:00 pm

Posted At: 03/26/2002 02:57 PM

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