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BSO Case Number: PB08-04-8008
PIO Number: 08-4-28
Date: April 24, 2008
Time: 2:55 p.m.
Place of Occurrence: 2204 S. Cypress Bend Drive, Pompano Beach
Jurisdiction: Pompano Beach


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  • Patrick Dellisanti, 57, 5/27/50, 2214 S. Cypress Bend Dr., Pompano (DECEASED)

Description of Incident:

A 57-year-old Pompano Beach man was shot and killed this afternoon after he pulled a gun during an encounter with the Broward Sheriff’s Office SWAT team.

Patrick Dellisanti lived at the Cypress Bend condominium, sharing an apartment with his elderly mother. At about 2:55 pm Dellisanti went to the Homeowners Association Office at 2204 S. Cypress Bend Drive, complaining about the HOA fees that he owed. Dellisanti confronted two women working in the office, showing them that he was armed. The women tried to reason with Dellisanti to resolve the conflict. One of the women placed a phone call, secretly indicating that Dellisanti was armed and hostile and that 911 should be called. The woman receiving the call got the message and did dial 911. At one point Dellisanti fired a shot at the floor. The two women told Dellisanti that they would go to the bank with him to draw out the money that he needed. He agreed to the plan.

Meanwhile, BSO Pompano Beach deputies responded and set up a perimeter, removing residents from the area. The BSO SWAT team arrived and surrounded the building. At about 3:45 pm Dellisanti exited through the front door, following the two women who immediately headed toward the SWAT truck parked outside. Then in the presence of SWAT team members, Dellisanti pulled his revolver from his waistband. Three SWAT members fired several shots and Dellisanti fell to the pavement. He was treated by paramedics on scene and was taken to North Broward Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Per standard procedure in all deputy-involved shootings, the case is under investigation by Homicide and Crime Scene Units in addition to Internal Affairs. The three SWAT deputies who fired are automatically placed on administrative leave.

The Broward Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy to officially establish the cause and manner of death.

A cursory records check revealed one arrest for Dellisanti from Nov. 3, 1996 when he was charged in Pompano Beach with DUI and unlawful possession of Diazepan

THIS REPORT BY: Sgt. G. Bukata, Maj. L deFuria Jim Leljedal / PIO Pompano Beach command & deputies 4/24/08 1945

Posted At: 04/24/2008 07:42 PM

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