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Forty-six drug buyers were surprised to learn that their dealer was actually an undercover Broward Sheriff Office deputy during last Friday’s reverse drug sting.

The major operation involved over 80 deputies and targeted two Broward County neighborhoods identified as high drug traffic areas. Sheriff deputies arrested 46 people including an individual wanted for a home invasion robbery in Palm Beach.

The drug sting targeted the 200 block of 14 Street and later moved to 17th Avenue north of Atlantic Boulevard netting suspects with criminal backgrounds ranging from burglary and robbery to homicide and arson.

Undercover detectives posing as neighborhood lookouts tracked potential buyers as they approached the area. Additional undercover detectives posing as dealers worked to make the “sale.” As soon as the deal was made, the buyers were arrested, processed and taken away to be booked. The operation included members of BSO’s Fugitive Squad, SWAT Team, Special Investigations Division, Department of Detention, along with deputies and detectives from various districts.

Following their arrest, each suspect was questioned by BSO detectives working to gather intelligence, and each suspect was asked to provide a DNA sample that can be compared to DNA connected to various open cases.

“We will continue to conduct operations like this arresting buyers and sellers as we rid our neighborhoods in Broward County of drug activity,” said Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne. “Not only do we get the bad guy off the street, but we collect valuable information that will most assuredly help us solve other crimes,” he said.

Following the success of this operation, BSO is planning additional reverse stings in several areas across Broward County in the future.

Investigator: Capt. L. Varona

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Elliot Cohen, Dir. Media Relations, 8/14/06 11:30am

Posted At: 08/14/2006 11:38 AM

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