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PIO Number: 02-02-40 Dates: December 27, 2001 & January 14, 2002 Places of Occurrence: 2100 SW 10th St., Deerfield Beach & 1923 NW 40th Ct., Deerfield Beach


  • 1. Airwave Wireless, 2100 SW 10th St., Deerfield Beach
  • 2. GMPCS, 1923 NW 40th Ct., Deerfield Beach


  • The “Hole-In-The-Wall” gang

Description of Incident:

It’s time to start dialing for dollars as the reward for the Hole-In-The-Wall gang is up to a whopping $10,000!

Broward Sheriff's Office detectives are asking for help from the public in tracking down a group of burglars who may be responsible for as many as a half-dozen recent thefts in south Florida.

The burglars get the “Hole-In-The-Wall” gang” moniker because BSO investigators believe they use sledgehammers to smash their way into businesses and make off with valuable, hi-tech electronic equipment.

The first hit was December 27, 2001 when the gang broke in to United Securities, Inc. at 2100 SW 10th Street in Deerfield Beach and then smashed their way through a wall to gain entry to the neighboring business, Airwave Wireless. The gang stole more than eighty cellular phones from Airwave Wireless.

During the early morning hours of January 14, 2002, detectives say the crooks hammered two large holes in the back wall of GMPCS, a cellular communications supplier at 1923 NW 40th Court in Deerfield Beach and made off with more than 250 cell phones and other pieces of equipment.

Investigators may have linked the crooks to several other recent similar crimes in south Florida.

If you have any information on the “hole-in-the-wall” gang, call Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS, you might collect a $10,000.00 reward.

INVESTIGATORS: Det. J. Hansen & Det. J. Bower
THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf/PIO 2/21/02 12:30 pm

Posted At: 02/21/2002 12:16 PM


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