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PIO Number: 03-1-37 BSO Case Number: WS01-12-00303


Place of Occurrence: Gator Run Elementary, 1101 Arvida Parkway, Weston

Victim(s): 1. A four-year-old male
2. A four-year-old male

Suspect(s): Anne Cleveland Lanier, 55, 8/14/47, female, 1991 SW 127 Avenue, Davie

Description of Incident:

A veteran Broward schoolteacher, who was arrested today on charges of child abuse, is accused of intentionally inflicting physical and mental injury on developmentally impaired students in her pre-kindergarten class.

Fifty-five year-old Anne Cleveland Lanier, a former teacher at Gator Run Elementary School in Weston, is charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of child abuse. The charges stem from Lanier’s abusive actions toward two of her students during the Spring Term of 2001. The Broward Sheriff's Office was notified of the allegations in December 2001 and the case was assigned to the Abuse and Neglect Unit for follow up.

The investigation revealed that on at least two separate occasions in May 2001, while working with students with learning disabilities and physical handicaps, Lanier administered excessive discipline in a malicious manner. BSO Abuse and Neglect detectives said Lanier was so upset with one of the boys for stepping on another student’s foot that she stomped the child’s foot to teach him a lesson. When the little boy cried out in pain, she roughly grabbed him by the arms and repeatedly shook him while he yelled out in pain for her to stop.

During a separate incident Lanier placed another 4-year-old boy, who was disrupting class, in chair outside of the classroom. BSO investigators said she pushed the chair toward a stair well. As a result, the 4-year-old victim fell down the stairs. He was treated at the school’s nurse’s office for a minor contusion to his head. Lanier’s teacher’s aide, who was later fired, witnessed both episodes.

Lanier surrendered today and was released from custody on pre-trial release.

Abuse & Neglect Det. W. Walker, CI Veda Coleman-Wright/PIO
Dist. 8
January 24, 2003 1800

Posted At: 01/24/2003 06:05 PM

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