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BSO Case Number: none
PIO Number: 01-10-4
Date: Oct. 6, 2001
Time: 0000
Place of Occurrence: Dania Beach



Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies in the City of Dania Beach respond to an average of 10 false alarms a day and the city commission has enacted an ordinance aimed at reducing that number.

Beginning this Saturday, October 6th, each and every false alarm will result in the assessment of a $25 fee, payable to the City of Dania Beach. The ordinance applies to both police and fire alarms. There is an appeal process that gives alarm owners 30 days to write the fire chief or BSO district chief to explain why their system was erroneously activated.

In Dania Beach, BSO deputies respond to about 300 false burglar alarms every month and firefighters race to 40 to 50 false fire alarms. Nationally, over 90 percent of all alarm calls are false and almost all of them are caused by user errors.

Throughout the county, the Broward Sheriff's Office gets nearly 5,000 alarm calls per month and almost every one of them is unfounded. For a deputy to respond to an alarm call, check the premises and document the event takes an average of 14 minutes. When you multiply 14 minutes by 5,000 calls it amounts to nearly 1,200 hours of wasted effort by our deputies each month. Aside from the wastefulness, there is a public safety concern because law enforcement officers can become complacent about alarms after answering unfounded calls day after day. BSO deputies are trained to treat every call as a serious situation.

At home or in the workplace, everyone with regular access should be instructed to properly operate the alarm system. Residents who know or suspect that their alarm systems are malfunctioning should contact their alarm companies.

THIS REPORT BY: Det. I Pato, Chief R. Anton, Dist. 2 Jim Leljedal / PIO 10/4/01 1115

Posted At: 10/04/2001 11:38 AM

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