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PIO Number: 14-6-14A
Date: May 1, 2014
Time: 7:24 a.m.
Place of Occurrence: 2701 W. Sunrise Blvd., unincorporated Broward County
Jurisdiction: central Broward County


  • Candace Williams, 18, Ft. Lauderdale


  • Carl Monty Watts, male, 37, 7/2/76, 605 N.W. 14 Terr., Ft. Lauderdale (IN CUSTODY)

Description of Incident:

When Broward Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Unit detectives released surveillance images to the public Thursday showing a man who tried to kidnap an 18-year-old girl on May 1, they received almost a dozen Crime Stoppers tips identifying Carl Watts. Then, after seeing himself on television news, Watts called detectives, too. 

Watts, who has a substantial criminal history that includes three previous kidnapping charges, was arrested Friday afternoon. He was charged with one count each of false imprisonment and battery. He is also on federal probation on a weapons charge. 

As his 18-year-old victim waited for the bus May 1 on Sunrise Boulevard, detectives say Watts approached her and tried to strike up a conversation. She ignored him, but he persisted, trying to coax her into his van and, at one point, trying to shove cash down the front of her shirt. She pushed his hand away, but he grabbed her wrist, trying to pull her into his van. She was able to get free just as the county bus approached. A video camera mounted on the bus caught images of Watts just as the victim walked toward the bus, and a nearby gas station got a shot of his van. 

Astute members of the public who recognized Watts and his van anonymously called Crime Stoppers. Then on Friday, Watts called detectives and eventually turned himself in. He explained that he was driving by the bus stop that morning and noticed the victim, who he said looked young and sexy. He said he tried to talk to her and offered to buy her breakfast. He denied shoving the money down her shirt and denied grabbing her wrists. He told detectives he is lonely and can be persistant when trying to pick up girls. 

The victim didn't immediately notify law enforcement of the incident but told a teacher at her high school who convinced her to report the attempted kidnapping. 

INVESTIGATORS: VCU Dets. Curtis, Newton, Sgt. Wendrow
THIS REPORT BY:  Dani Moschella/PIO 6/13/14 2015

Posted At: 06/13/2014 07:39 PM

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