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Broward Sheriff's Office deputies will be on the lookout for school zone speeders Monday morning in Broward County.

With the new school year comes an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic near schools. Beginning August 26, 2002, school speed zones throughout BSO jurisdictions will be monitored closely and traffic regulations will be strictly enforced.

The Broward Sheriff's Office remains committed to helping make the 2002-2003 school year a safe and productive one for the children of Broward County and reminds motorists to slow down near schools.

Other tips to help keep our kids safe:

-Click it! Don’t forget to buckle up and make certain children are properly secured with a car seat, booster seat, or safety belt.

-Car pool with neighbors to reduce the number of vehicles at school.

-Consider the possible dangers of using a cell phone while in traffic in a school zone; think about turning the phone off while waiting in line to pick up your children from school.

-Arrange for a specific place to meet children after school – on the same side of the street as the school and away from traffic.

-Talk to children about the importance of crossing the street at the corner and using crosswalks.

For more back to school safety tips, contact BSO Media Relations or log onto our website at

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Hugh Graf / Media Relations

Posted At: 08/23/2002 02:49 PM

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