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PIO Number: 02-9-19


BSO Case Number: OP02-9-10433

Victim(s): name withheld, male, no permanent address, (DECEASED)

Suspect(s): Alan Cerasini, 11/13/57, 44, 2949 N. Federal Hwy, Oakland Park

Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff’s Office homicide detectives have arrested an Oakland Park resident for the murder of a homeless man that occurred in the morning of September 9, 2002.

Shortly before 2:40 a.m., Monday, the victim and a friend were sitting on a retaining wall next to the St. Mark’s Church at 1700 E. Oakland Park Blvd. According to homicide detectives, the suspect, Alan Cerasini, 44, and his girlfriend walked past the two men. That’s when the victim’s friend made a remark. Cerasini, a cabinetmaker, returned to where the two men were sitting and a verbal argument erupted. The suspect pushed the victim over the wall and placed him in a fatal headlock. Witnesses said the victim, whose name is being withheld until his family is notified, never fought back. When the victim lost consciousness, the suspect and his girlfriend fled.

BSO deputies responded to the scene and found the victim lying on the grass in front of the church. At first, the cause of death was unknown and the body was transported to the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office. An autopsy was performed on September 11, and the cause of death was ruled to be asphyxiation. The victim’s neck was also broken.

BSO District 12 deputies and Homicide detectives investigated further and interviewed the victim’s friend and the suspect’s girlfriend late Thursday. Cerasini was placed under arrest and charged with murder. Cerasini gave detectives a statement admitting his role in the death of the victim.

Cerasini is being held without bond at BSO’s main jail.

Liz Calzadilla / PIO
Sgt. J. Murray 9/12/02 3 pm
Dets. F. Ilarraza & R. Libman, CI

Posted At: 09/12/2002 03:08 PM


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