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“Operation Scrooge” helps protect holiday shoppers

This holiday season, the Broward Sheriff’s Office is targeting shoplifters, pickpockets, and others who prey on holiday shoppers with “Operation Scrooge,” in effect through the end of this year.,Uniformed and plainclothes deputies are patrolling stores, common areas and parking lots at shopping centers, malls and other retail areas in BSO jurisdictions, keeping watch for any suspicious individuals and arresting those who commit criminal acts. Deputies will also help educate the public on ways to stay safe during the frequently hectic holiday season.,You can help prevent theft during your shopping trips by following these simple safety rules:,

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit and well-traveled area and remember where you parked. Be sure to lock your doors and keep any valuables out of sight. When returning to your vehicle, scan your surroundings for any suspicious individuals.
  • Keep a close eye on your purse, wallet, cell phone, and other valuables. Thieves often look for someone distracted by the busy holiday crowds.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and carry only the credit cards you need for your shopping trip.
  • Request your credit card receipt and all carbon copies from the sales clerk. If your credit card is stolen, report it immediately. Most fraudulent use of credit cards takes place within hours of the theft.
  • Only use an ATM (automatic teller machine) that is in a well-lit and safe location, keep an eye on those around you, and protect your PIN number.
  • Expect heavier traffic during the holiday season and drive defensively.
  • If you notice someone acting suspiciously or committing a crime, don’t try to intervene. Report the situation to a store manager, a security guard, or a law enforcement officer.

Posted At: 12/03/2002 12:00 AM

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