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BSO Case Number: BS14-02-03538
PIO Number: 14-3-3
Date: Feb. 14-26, 2014
Time: N/A
Place of Occurrence: Mobile home parks in South Broward
Jurisdiction: District 1


  • Multiple


  • Raymond Rivera, 28, male, 05/15/85, 21116 N.E. 5 Ct., Miami (IN CUSTODY)
  • Juvenile male, 16, Pembroke Park
  • Juvenile male, 17, Pembroke Park

Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies working to curb a rash of occupied burglaries at mobile home parks in South Broward got just what they were hoping for when a deputy spotted a burglary in progress. After getting one suspect in custody and obtaining the help of the V.I.P.E.R. (Violence Intervention Proactive Enforcement Response) unit, two more delinquents were apprehended and are facing charges for the crimes.

The crime spree began around mid-February. In a span of two weeks, detectives had almost 10 occupied burglaries at mobile home neighborhoods in Pembroke Park – Bamboo Mobile Home Park, Park Lake Estates and Pembroke Park Lakes. The burglars broke in late at night while the residents of the homes were sleeping and took jewelry, electronics and other valuables in plain sight.

Around 3:30 a.m. February 26, a deputy viewed a burglary in progress at 2415 Cheri Lane in the Bamboo Mobile Home Park. The suspects fled the scene, but with the help of the BSO Aviation unit and K-9, the 17-year-old suspect was taken into custody. He was found in possession of a laptop and a tablet. Two other suspects were not located.

Later that afternoon, as V.I.P.E.R. detectives patrolled the South Broward neighborhood, they came across a vehicle stolen from Miami-Dade County. Detectives tried to pull the driver over, but he refused to stop and attempted to flee. The suspect’s vehicle was blocked in and the two occupants were detained. The two males in the vehicle matched the description of the suspects that eluded capture earlier that morning.

The driver of the vehicle, Raymond Rivera, 28, was on probation for multiple counts of occupied burglary and fleeing and eluding. He was arrested for grand theft of a vehicle, fleeing and eluding and driving with a suspended license. The passenger was the third accomplice, a 16-year-old male.

The two juveniles admitted they participated in the Feb. 26 occupied burglary at the Bamboo Mobile Home Park. All three suspects face charges for that burglary and are suspected in at least nine others.

BSO cautions residents not to make themselves easy targets. Always keep your doors and windows locked and contact 911 if you see suspicious activity.

INVESTIGATORS: Dets. Demosthenes & Butts, Sgt. Irvin, Dist. 1 C.I.; V.I.P.E.R.; South Broward District
THIS REPORT BY: Keyla Concepción/PIO 3/5/14 0915

Posted At: 03/05/2014 09:19 AM


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