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BSO Case Number: PB02-04-6469
PIO Number: 02-4-46
Date: April 14, 2002
Place of Occurrence: 281 Pompano Parkway, Pompano Beach


  • 1. Mitzi Munizbueno
  • 2. Kerrie McPherson, 48, 8/15/53, female, 4015 SW 15 Street, Pompano Beach


  • 1. Roosevelt Standifer, 20, 3/8/82, male, 581 NW 7 Terrace, Pompano Beach
  • 2. Lloyd Brown, 21, 11/24/80, male, 530 South Park Road, #11-18, Hollywood
  • 3. 16-year-old, 6/25/85, male Ft. Lauderdale

Description of Incident:

Broward Sheriff's Office Pompano Beach detectives have arrested two men and one juvenile in connection with a credit card scheme.

On April 15th BSO Dep. Juan Munizbueno became suspicious after receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be a Blockbuster Video employee. The caller said he needed to verify the deputy’s wife’s personnel identification information that she had written on her membership application.

Detectives quickly learned that Roosevelt Standifer, a recently fired Blockbuster employee, was at the store, located at 281 Pompano Parkway on April 14th. Standifer is seen on surveillance tape reaching across the counter and stealing a stack of membership applications from a secure area. When investigators contacted Standifer, he admitted to stealing the membership applications from the store. Standifer said he gave the applications to a 16-year-old male also involved in the scheme. The teenager then gave the applications to Lloyd Brown. The thieves intended to use the personal identification information to obtain fraudulent credit cards and purchase merchandise.

Further investigation revealed that another victim, Kerrie McPherson’s, application was also stolen. McPherson’s credit card company called her to inquire about recent activity concerning her account. A second card had been added to her account in the name of “LR Brown” and sent to 530 South Park Road in Hollywood, the residence of Lloyd R. Brown.

BSO detectives went to Brown’s home on April 19th after obtaining a search warrant. They found several pieces of incriminating evidence linking him to the fraudulent activity. Brown was arrested on several charges including: criminal use of personal identification information; theft (obtaining credit cards through fraudulent means); and organized scheme to defraud. Brown is being held without bond for violation of probation for similar fraud charges. Additional charges are pending.

Roosevelt Standifer and the teenage suspect were each charged with one count of fraudulent use of personal information.

INVESTIGATORS: Dist. 11 Det. Mitch Gordon
THIS REPORT BY: Veda Coleman-Wright/PIO

Posted At: 04/23/2002 02:18 PM


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