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The Broward Sheriff’s Office and Port Everglades officials have announced new security restrictions on nighttime travel through the port. These restrictions take effect immediately, and will mainly impact motorists trying to enter—not exit—the port area late at night.

Beginning tonight (Saturday) and until further notice, the main entrance at I-595 and Eller Drive and the north entrance at SE 17th Street and Eisenhower Boulevard, will be closed from 9:00 PM until 4:45 AM. The entrance at State Road 84 and U.S. 1/Federal Highway will be the only Port entrance open overnight.

BSO deputies will direct returning cruise ship passengers, convention center visitors and late-night patrons of Burt and Jack’s restaurant to the available exit. BSO is asking motorists who use port roadways simply as a shortcut, to find an alternate route.

“Unless you have specific business at Port Everglades, you should avoid the area for the time being,” Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne said. “Our deputies and SWAT team members will continue their increased patrols, and may stop and question motorists, especially those trying to enter the port at night.”

BSO’s around-the-clock heightened security is a precautionary measure, in response to Tuesday’s terrorist attack.

This report by: Cheryl Stopnick / Media Relations

Posted At: 09/15/2001 12:18 PM

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