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PIO Number: 01-9-34 Case Number: BS01-09-13022
Date: September 27, 2001
Time: 2317
Place of Occurrence: 4440 NE 1 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale


  • Mario E. Rosales, 20, 7/22/81, male, 4440 NE 1 Terrace, uninc. Ft. Laud.


  • Abraham Duarte, 17, 7/23/84, male (Lincoln Town Car)
  • Alejandro B. Rubio, 22, 8/1/79, male, (Lincoln Town Car)
  • Esteban Martinez Meza, male
  • Misael Cornejo, 23, 8/5/78, male
  • Carlos Guevara, 21, 3/17/80, male
  • Jose Sanchez, 19, 11/1/81, male
  • Jacinto Pulido, 19, 12/10/81, male
  • Diego Pulido, 18, 6/23/83, male
  • Ines Andres, 18, 8/30/83, male
  • Dekovan Calderone, 18, 7/10/83 ( apprehended in Pompano Beach Friday morning)

Description of Incident:

Ten suspects are in custody and another is being sought by Broward Sheriff's Office homicide detectives following a deadly gang-related shooting late Thursday night near Fort Lauderdale.

Shortly after 11 p.m., BSO deputies responded to 4440 N.E. 1 Terrace reference gunshots heard in the area. Mario Rosales was found lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

BSO homicide detectives said Rosales and three of his friends were hanging out across from his home on the south side of Prospect Road when at least eleven gang members drove up in separate vehicles. Rosales’s friends were able to escape, but Rosales was cornered by the suspects, beaten, stabbed, and shot to death. Detectives believe the deadly altercation was the result of an ongoing dispute.

Shortly after the incident, two of the suspects were apprehended a couple of blocks from the scene in a white Lincoln Town car, and seven of the suspects were taken into custody by BSO deputies in Deerfield Beach. The seven suspects were traveling in a white Grand Marquis near the intersection of Dixie Highway and 48 Street when they were apprehended. Knives, screwdrivers, and Martial Arts weapons were found inside both vehicles.

An eleventh suspect, who is believed to be the shooter, is still at large. Detectives are working on obtaining a warrant for his arrest. All ten suspects in custody are facing a charge of felony murder for their involvement in the commission of a crime resulting in the victim’s death.

INVESTIGATORS: Dets. Sgt. Carr, Duggan & Berrena, Homicide
THIS REPORT BY: Veda Coleman-Wright/PIO

Posted At: 09/28/2001 11:13 AM


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