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Date: August 20, 2014                                                               PIO Number: 14-8-17

The Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested seven protesters Wednesday after safely removing them from a so-called “sleeping dragon” device routinely used in protests. The seven, none of whom lives in Broward County, spent the day in front of a private detention facility at 3900 N Powerline Rd., Deerfield Beach. BSO was notified of the protest around 11 a.m. Members of the agency’s Quick Response Force painstakingly cut through the PVC pipes inside which the protesters used ropes and carabiners to join their hands. At any point, the protesters could have released their own hands and left the area without arrest. Deputies gave the protesters water throughout the day, and Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue paramedics stood by. However, there were no injuries. Each was charged with trespassing after a warning, a misdemeanor, and was transported to BSO’s Main Jail.


Posted At: 08/20/2014 05:34 PM


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