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On Thursday, March 21, a group of Boyd Anderson High School students will become firefighters for a day as part of a public safety program by Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue.

 BSFR’s public education team partnered with a group of exceptional student education teachers to provide fire safety education and prevention instruction to this select group of students. The teachers have been working to ensure students are learning positive fire safety behaviors, tips and prevention strategies. As part of the program, BSFR’s life safety educators assisted the teachers on March 18 with reinforcement of the instruction.    

 The firefighter for a day/fire safety event will give participants an opportunity to explore various fire apparatus, compete with their peers during the bunker gear race, spray a fire hose, enjoy some sweet refreshments and interact with some of Broward County’s bravest fire service personnel.

Posted At: 03/21/2013 03:01 PM

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